The Affiliate Program of Pratiharye 2022

The Affiliate Program of Pratiharye 2022

A well-known online women's lingerie and cosplay dress retailer is Pratiharye. Thousands of clients served since 2020

Pratiharye Affiliate/Reseller Program: What Is It?

The Pratiharye Affiliate program, or Pratiharye Marketers, is an affiliate marketing program. Website owners, bloggers, influencers and anyone (who wants to join) can sign up to be Pratiharye Marketers for free. On their websites or via social media, they promote products using a special referral link. Customers who use the links and purchase items from Pratiharye are compensated with commission.

What is the operation of the Pratiharye Affiliate programme?

Marketers that participate in the Pratiharye Affiliate Program can make money by posting unique product links, advertising those links on their websites or social media, and sending visitors back to Pratiharye's website. This is how it goes:

  • Interested reseller are requested to contact us via WhatsApp or Instagram.
  • Pratiharye issues a Unique Coupon Code to every marketer/reseller.
  • Then The Coupon Code are share by reseller to their client/customer’s
  • This coupon code will provide extra discount to your customer/client of Rs.100/- Flat
  • The Reseller/Associate receives the commission when a customer makes purchase using your coupon code.

Depending on how many referrals you bring in for Pratiharye, you may expect to make anywhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000 on average with the Pratiharye Affiliate programme. You will receive a commission for each successful sale/order in the Pratiharye Affiliate programme because it is commission-based.

The Pratiharye Affiliate Program has the following advantages: 

  1. Weekly payout
  2. No time restrictions
  3. Operate remotely
  4. Generate passive income

How to Make Money as a Pratiharye Marketer/Reseller

It's time to get rewarded now that you've developed a solid plan for launching your Pratiharye Affiliate Code.

Things to Remember

How are payments sent to Pratiharye Associates/Reseller?

Direct deposit is used for payment to Pratiharye Marketers. The money will be deposited into your bank account automatically every week.

What percentage of each sale will Pratiharye Marketers receive?

Pratiharye Marketers will receive a flat 10% on each sale for prepaid orders and a flat 5% for orders paid for using cash on delivery.

How soon are Amazon,Meesho,Flipkart shopsy Resller paid?

These site take around 15 days and Pratiharye reseller get commission every week : there’s no catch.

When does Pratiharye Marketers' commission become legally recognised?

When the order ships, and after getting successful delivery Pratiharye Reseller/Marketers formally receive a commission. You won't get any commission if product is undelivered

How will marketers be informed of their profitable sales?

When a successful delivery is made using your coupon, we will also be alerted. You can trust us because we are listed on google, amazon, Flipkart & Meesho as well as we already served 1,50,000+ customer also have our own website, you can Trust Us.


Start Your Pratiharye Affiliate Program Account Today

Using the Pratiharye Affiliate network is a great way to turn a hobby into a passive income stream. By picking a niche, creating content that is product-focused, and including contextual affiliate links, you may increase your Pratiharye Affiliate income to incredible heights.